Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Look at this cute little girl, she's pokemon! :D
pi-ka-chiuuuuuu hehehe! Worked w/ her few times before. i like to work w/ her. She's super cute and also friendly. I like to talk to her and play w/ her! haha. She is elder than me, can you believe that?
I really hope that we have chance to hang out or work together again. :)

#2 take two. her smile is so silly! hahah

#3 this is KC from kl. my ex-boss for two days. haha

#4 this is CS from KL also! ex-colleague. :D
super friendly guy too.

#5 Melvin & yours truly.

#6 Can find him in Mois always. LOL

#7 self-captured timeey.
That job was about promoting Samsung Note 10.1. 
So after using / teaching people how to use it for two days. I think Samsung's product are cool too. 
I would actually prefer the new samsung note two more than iphone 5. 
Some of their function are really amazing and cool. but it is just my two cents. :)

#8 Reflection .

#9 This is the maggi goreng from Jiao sai. :D
i think most of the penangsite heard about jiao sai right.  
It's a mamak stall. i think maggie goreng is their hot-selling food.
Nicholas dabao for me last few week ago? Thanks. hehe.

 #10 Mum has finally back from Europe. :)
& she got me macarons from Paris. she asked me to try and tell her what's the different between Malaysia Macarons and Paris Macarons. For me, there's not much different because they are just too sweet and i don't think i really like their sweetness. but still thanks mum! :)

#11 of course.... not to forget to mention about my CHOCOLATE!
She got it from Swiss. SUPER DELICIOUS. seriously. 
This one i can tell. Chocolate from Swiss are x1202405times better than chocolate in Malaysia!
I'm that type of girl that can gain weight very easily so i can't have too much chocolate one shot!T_T
*self-control* try not to finish the chocolate that fast. because every time after i eat them, i feel guilty.
argh. I think i have another nick name now. - PUI KIA. T_T
WHY? because every day after i wake up, i EAT, SLEEP, TV, EAT, SLEEP. -___-

#12 #converse shoes.




#16 had pop-corn while we're working. cool isn't it? :D

#17 NUA-ING while we were waiting our boss to refill our stock. without phone we all can die.

#18 cray cray girl.

#19 HOHO. who is this? :P

#20 forgive me. i'm just too bored.

#21 Track 7 w/ Youjin and his friends. wasn't that well because i'm still coughing. i couldn't sing well and mood just not that good. so sorry for being rude. hmm. i think i can sing well now. lol.

rotting at home everyday. i haven't watch pitch perfect, breaking dawn part two.
who wants to watch with me. I'm ok as long as you can chia me watch hahaha
i'm super broke anway! when can i get my pay T____T

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