Monday, April 8, 2013


I've started my degree life in KL for more than 3 weeks, almost one month. I still can't get used to it, especially all the foods in kl. I miss penang food. Penang food is way more yummy compare with kl food. T_T i miss yam rice, chicken rice, tomyam mee, hokkien mee, laksa and curry mee. T___T *saliva dropping* Life is stressing out too, two presentation straight in this week and needa submit one assignment up. & I've move out from my cousin place which mean i'm staying alone with two stranger. That feeling is not so right too because once you get back to the house, you lock yourself inside the room and no one bother to talk to you. This is sad. T_T i miss my cousin already! At least he will dabao dinner for me, someone sleeping in the living room when you walk out from the room in the middle of the night lol! I think he is so happy now because i have move out and he got back his room! haha. 

I miss my bed, i miss my home.... i miss everything in penang. When you leave the place that you're familiar with, you will miss it. :(
Suppose to rush my assignment but yeah i just feel like blogging suddenly haha. 

This is the tong sui popo cooked for me before I came.
I remember i told her i wanted to eat, the day before i left, she cooked for me.
Really touched. T_T my family love me so much. (y) i love them too!!

Sister and my uncle. HI. i miss you guys! :)

Ohhhh yaaaa. i had only three luggages when i move to kl. 

Who's sexy back?
YEAP. its mine. :)
credit to @mixyooi, We went to Big Ben Breakfast before i leave too.
So many penangites had talk about it, must try it out!
They served american style breakfast. :D
Food was ok, environment was ok too.

i had this. Big ben set i guess. It's around MYR7.50 if im not mistaken.
plus another orange juice, it's around MYR10 for per pax.

Where is it located?
it is located @ Jalan Kebun Bunga
which is very near to Botanical Garden in Penang.
The business hours is from 8am to 6pm, close on Tuesday.
People who wake up late ( like me ) can give it a try too! because it open until 6pm in the evening haha.

After that, we went to penang road for the famous cendol and ice-kacang!
i've tried ice-kacang because it's more colourful TEEHEE :D

POSER. look like a tourist right? muahaha. 
But i'm a 100% local :D *penang lang* 

Me and the drive of the day @mixyooi.
He has always been my bestfriend i dont know since when.
the friendship is still counting, i miss talking to him. :(
Really need to meet up with him when i'm back in penang. 
oh ya anyway, he was eating cendol !

See you real soon my friend! 

My new high heels from sem-bonia!
i just simply love this maybe because it is in red. :D

Haha. looks better without my head! :)
I'm broken into pieces/ because of you/ i wanted to fix it/ why/ I just feel hopeless/ helpless/ i don't need love/ i don't need you/ i just need myself/ just need to be strong/ just smile/ will be alright/

Conclusion, wake up and get back to reality. 
keep calm and work on assignment! T_T

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