Sunday, December 22, 2013

冬至 Happy Winter Solstice Peeps!

Happy winter solstice people! :)

Yeah, final is over. I'm having my semester holidays now, and i'm back in hometown. :)
Life has been very tough yet I'm handling. It will be alright eventually. I know that.
Counting down 5 days to christmas, and yeah, i don't have any plan on christmas. 
don' think i need any plan also. Merry Christmas in advance people :D
Who wanna be my santa claus? TEEHEE
Can i have a new perfume please? lol. 

Time to dye my hair for Chinese New year. What colour should i dye? Any comment? 
Hmm, haven't do any new year shopping yet. Totally out of the mood i don't know why T_T
Maybe because i'm growing up, i don't get excited that easy like i used to. 

This was the time i was rushing my photography assignment. This semester wasn't bad. Meet some new people, and one of them successfully became one of the VIP in my life. hehehe. She's Angel Lim! *if you're reading my blog la, i know probably won't because you told me you're lazy to read* :(
Looking forward to next semester, i want to do better in next semester. 

Candid shot. i look so damn attitude right? I miss that moment like seriously. Can we just turn back time?

My new addict . Peel Fresh Orange Juice. I need to drink it everyday now. Good/bad?

Went Big Ben Breakfast w/ two best friends. me likey! but still hungry after i finish it. haha too small portion. oh ya this one is big ben set, cost around RM7. :)

Tomyam as dinner. 

( what i do every day in Penang ? ) 

Gaining weight againnnnnzzzzz

I miss you. :(

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