Thursday, October 2, 2008

simple day.


菜市啊,什么都不好. =..= 人超级多.

那些auntie uncle 你撞我我推你.真的很讨厌~



但是都读不进脑-.- 我也不知道为什么~

我死定了! ='( 但是我的maths fail定了.就算怎样读都一样啦~

命中注定我爱你 追着啊 救命 我要买disc没有货 xXx


所以呢,还是考完试再打算吧 =]

walao ehh. today someone throw me away more than 8 hours.

geng hor? luckily i didnt cry like piggg and i didnt shout to you. LOL

train my EQ ; right? i think my EQ damn high now. wahahaha xD

tomoro maybe going gurney with marmie. but i not sure she wanna to go anot.

suddenly change plans then i will cry like babi -.- she not dare to promise me XD

if tomoro going,maybe i can meet my babe. HOPEFULLY we are going.

Jamine babesss ; faster move to blogspot okie? i damn lazy to use wretch to leave comment for you. =P

btw,here some new pics. ;))

*Like ghost right? xD *

say it's cute ;PP

Dnt say ugly okie? i make up myself 1st time xD

focus on my eyes okie? i just make up my eyes only.

you must say CUTE or MATURE :P

esp that one who leave me alone ehh.if you say ugly,i will bite you!!

i will improve my skill ;P

i damn hate my hair now. -.-

why cannot long???? i wanna long hair!!!


i hate my weight now!!! i have no idea on my body shape*

brother keep calling me fatty fatty -.- it's HURT. x(

ON-diet ; gogogogo =X *say for fun only i think*

stop here stop here. to be continue ;P

Wish i can going out tomoro. goodluck =)


mingchoo <33

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