Saturday, November 15, 2008


3 months & 1 days , we have been together for.

yesterday was our 3rd months anniversary.
but we do not celebrate.
cause auntie promise me want to bring boyf and me go to gurney.
but at last also kena FFK. ='( so sad & dissapointed uhh?

then last minute decide go to pacific.
because boyf really wanted to see me XD
dia tak boleh tahan liao =P

he was late today!!
aaaaawwwww* i waiting him for half an hour i think.
how come girl wait boy leah? GRRRRR.
He always say : "dont you feel dat you more like guy? and i more like gurl?"
LOL this is my boyf. always late. and want his girlf to wait =P

we went to MCD and he ordered spicy chicken burger?
i never eat spicy chicken burger = =
pedasnya ! i wonder why he can tahan.
he say i noob, cannot tahan spicy still wanna to eat.
then i nge nge eat XD eat untill tears also rolling in my eyes liao.
he only gam buan!! SEE!! this is my boyf XD suka bully me mia boyf.

after that, we went to buy ticket.
we watched medagascar two ~
i like to move it move it !! he like to move it move it ! she like to move it move it! we like to MOVE IT ! XD
i watched this yday. today i accompany him watch again.
SEE!! Mr.Ng. your girlf me. so good right? wakakaka~

after movie.
he got voucher. but already expire.
then, my boy he act like nothing and use it to pay.
WOW*sucess !! nehh nehh nehh, my boyf most geng XD
walked around and nothing to do.
then starbucks. chit-chat. (:
bought my cap. then went home.

p/s : boyf 称赞我美 XD 他称赞我 XD

dont forget our promise (:
no agrue. at least untill 22 november 2008*♥

I you, darling.
Be more gentleman and more BIGGAS lahh!!
this is what i wish what i hope. *lol

i still loving you as much as you do.
mwarhsss! *hugggggiiessss & kissssssessss!*


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