Saturday, November 8, 2008

waiting tomoro. :)

i'm addicted on this. !
go take a look.

afternoon chat with suki, amanda;peiming and vivan.
we plan on tomoro go to jusco. because i wanted to watch coffin.
& i missss the moment we spent together. but too bad;
vivan mum dont allow her to go out. Peiming And Amanda also cannot go.
i tot i still can go with suki although they are not going.

but just now aunty give me a call. she ask tomoro whad time going her house.
Zzz. i get shocked? why suddenly ask me like this.
then she said i promise her go to cititel hotel with her.
since i promise her then i cant put her aeroplane. cannot go out with suki dy.
sorry harrr, lenglui. we tuesday only hang out together lahh. tee-hee ~

tomoro going to cititel with aunty.
erm, dont know is party anot xD
because the theme of tomoro is school day?
i think so, everyone need to wear school uniform.
&& got alot of games to play. hohoho xD
very special for me lahh (: hope can hav fun there.!

loves & huggggss :D
stay tuned;

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