Monday, November 10, 2008


short post ;D

woke up at 930.
prepare myself, then went to aunty home.
she bring me to cititel hotel.

Title of the day : Back To School.
Tempat: cititel hotel, ballroom 3. Lol*
Masa: 11.00 to 3.30pm

seem like everyone go there also back with a price.
too many lucky draw, special draw, grand draw etc etc.
loads of game to play. quite intresting =)
but im boring. :/ i wanted to sleep that time. Zzz.
maybe the air-corn too cold XD or maybe just drawing price all the time.

Aunty also draw diok 1 hamper. *lol
& she won one buffer lunch; but just for one person. zzz.
dat means if you want go w other, you need to pay.
nehh. aunty give me the voucher XD she ask me go with my boyf.
hey boyf ; want go with me? but you need to pay for yourself XP

Then, when to my cousin kindergarten mia graduation.
wanted to see him dance XD
last year he cried then did not up to stage.
this year he brave dy XD but also look like want cry on the stage.
but he's so so so CUTE !
when he finish dance, he came down.
then shouted to her mum : I did it ! i did it !
*lol. We were so happyyy =P
her mum keep taking pic w him. hahaha.

p/s : i love children so so so muchhhie !!
they are so cute and so simplicity =)

picts talks! :D
Let's go, let's go!! HAHA.

She's enjoying ;D5 star Band XD

i love kids!
They just 3 years old! =D
left 1 is my cousin; MingJay.
please, he was so shy!! Xd

he's like that on the stage!
but when she w his mum. XD
Looks cool right? XD nice pose*

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