Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Chinese New Year (*:

i spent almost my new year w my boy and his friends.
My relatives said i get the angpau then disappear dy. *lol
its okay, i did enjoy every moment w him and w them. :]

Rewind :)

25/01 The first day of new year.
People called 'chu yi'
-went to grandfather house to eat and take angpau.
-went to temple 'bai bai'
-went home and take a nap.
i tot my new year bored til like this. (@_#*)
- babi and his friends come my place and pay a New Year call.
- Sunway ; cinema is crowded of people.
- went to MCD for dinner.
- Yingfong house for gamble.

26/01 The second day of New year.
People called 'chu er'
that day i spent my day w my babi and his family :)
*my babi*
-We went for lunch at KimHee.
-Went to old folks house.
- went to visit those people who cacat one. :(
They are so pity, we gamble, we had fun in new year.
but them; dont know anything. need to suffer for the whole life. =(
* appreciate whad you hav now. enjoy your life. live life happy*

27/01 The third day of my New Year.
people called 'chu san'
i spent my time w babi, his friends and my friends :)
- Suki came my house.
-Babi fecthed us and weien then we headed to Sunway again.
-Cinema is still the same, crowded of people. =(
-Nando's for lunch :D

handsome? XD
talking to his girlf? *lol / and weien :D
Yingfong And kent =)
-My place for gambling.
*Babi;The tauke* =P

-Then night went to Zhuohong aka mr.bad house Steamboat.
-i was drunked at there & i argued my babi =(
- * try to forget everything*
- went to his friends place to Cheong K =)

going out later, for my new cell phone/
To be continued =)
Stay Tuned :)

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