Saturday, January 24, 2009


Babi is not going to Aus dy :D
that means he will be with me for the whole CNY ~
TEEHEE!! Trip Cancel, so good (*:
dont know he got boom me anort, but seriously.
i'm happy when i know. babibabibabi. Angpau kia XD

1 days more to CNY :D
i am so exciting. teehee~
Sorry for everyone. because of my lazy-ness. i didnt reply my tag at all.
aplogize to everyone~
keep tag me okay? i will reply start from now. *lol

yesterday went to Queens w babi and his friends :)

because i wanted to see yinghong and kent so much.
but yinghong dont know why didnt go =(

*babi dont hap chou*

The girl.

reached there. went Jusco bought sushi. =D
i ate abit only, its my Breakfast + lunch.
After that, they decided to skate.

But Babi say dont want skate, mau shopping.
for his new year clothes.
abit dissapointed.
because i want him to show me his pro-ness ma!!
Grr. but its okay, i can shopping w him wor XD
* im shopping Queen*

without my eyes./ =P


结果她看到我那么不爽,他答应我带我去Sunway or Jusco 买那双鞋子~
总之,就是买到就对了. =) *看,我的boyboy几好!!* 有时真的觉得自己很幸福的咯 XDD

过后晚上真的带我去买 :D
最后我要的都买到了. Haha. 谢谢你 =)

New year. My Bed in RED. =D
i'm lovin it. =P
And also i clean up my wardrobe/


Seriously, you and you.
spoil my new year mood. daMN. xXx

Happy CNY to everybody :D

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