Sunday, February 22, 2009

Need A change :)

Everything are changing now.
I need a change too seriously :)

I getting fatter and fatter.
felt so annoyed when i heard YOU said 'm fat.
I got a fat leg etc. I wanna you to keep your mouth shut.
and i'll prove to you, 'm nott kiddingg!
sso, I need to ON-Diet. Or maybe i try to exercise more!

I wish my body shape can better than you!

I promised myself, need to work harder for my test.
i wanna to hang out w my babi when he's back.
OMFG, but i watched TV for the whole day!
& i wasted the time like dat ! AWWWWW*
Everyone are studying. and doing revision.
Haihs. How? i cant even control myself! ):):

Babi gt a Sim card at s'pore. then he text me and we talk in the phone.
it's damn expensive i think? even i phone him also charge his phone $.
Now his phone is out of credit. & he's coming bck so soon.
If he go to top up. OMG, mar waste $ right?
But now? i cant even text him. He cant receive my msg =(
ohh gosh! it's killing me~

I'm fcuking bloody miss him now ):
Babi can you hear me?!

Yea, i hate monday!!!
Thats all for now.
Signing offffff,
Siewyee / mingchoo.
*YESH! i have two name!!*

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