Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shoot me ;p;p REUPDATE:)

i am fine now :D:D Settle down everything.
at the end of the story, we just gt demerit 1 marks.
thanks god !! seriously, i freaking hate those form2 nerds!
D - A - M - N you. =/
but still, i hate JSHS. mum does not agree i transfer school. ):):
she wanna me to study in jit sin, why? so confuse. ):):

whatever, try to enjoy in that school?
*wish me people*

Monday, i ponteng my duty and house practice.
went Auto City w suki and peiming (:
Secret recipe and MCD / twister fries!! i'm lovin it ;p;p

took alot of picts dere.
blogger is working now *lol

By the way,
i cut my hair!!
freaking short and i looks nerd now!!
but babi say still the same, still pretty and cute *lol :P
that's my boy, always praise me one. *shy*

signing off,
Siewyee/ th Tambai.


KIAN said...

shoot you? XDDD
yor. how ever you cut will be still the cute one lah. xD

KIAN said...

oh ya. im waiting for you see you take how many "years" to meet me in college. XD LOL