Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fight for PMR.

Control - control - control !

LESS / seldom online.

Fight for PMR.
Target : 6A's and above.

class test is just around th corner, needd to studyy harder.

14.02.2009 coming soon :):)
Happy Valentine to everyone!!
Its the 1st year celebrate w him, don't need any surprise.
Just wantt tto be w him. Enjoyy everyy moment ;p;p
for thosee celebrate it alonee, dont upsetttt.
Enjoy single liffe. nyekkkk ;);)

& my blogskin looks howw?
Last time better or now better?
Give some comment :]

Current Mood : L-A-Z-Y !
But still, Needddd to studyyyyyy ;X
ciaos ciaos.

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