Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheong K @ Sunway.

Yesterday morning went to school for PS activity.OMFG, its freaking hot!
& still we need work under th sun!eleven something, went home w/ sister :-)
Had lunch, then my auntie decide to bring us to Sunway.
she said she wanna to cheong K !

we reached there about 2something. sang bout 3hours! then babi came to find me!
had dinner w/ him and his friends! *Junior & yingfong got the pi gu face*
OMG OMG! Haha. i try to meet w/ my baby everyday. 3 more days to go. awww*
today morning he went to body check up dy!
serious, its not dreaming. he's going to leave me after 3days.
But just balik pulau mahh.
no need scare. i can go there whenever i wanna right?
*lol. yeap. i'm comforting myself! ):):

Watever, 3months later. he'll back!
And i know god knows everyone knows!
he will become a mature guy XD
baby~ remember to take care yourself there okay?
drink more water! & dont kaolui ! if not i slap you and slap dat gurl ! LOL

here's some picts for yesterday.
weeksdays cheong K is so cheap !
Must go have a try! Remember, its a M-U-S-T!

{♥} To do list.
{♥} Cut my fringe before school reopen.
{♥} complete Geo folio.
{♥} complete sejarah folio.
{♥} Print out or wash out my picts for HIM!
{♥} Study? *lol. maybe i need xuefen come to acc me ;p;p LOL
{♥} Wanna to hang out w/ suki them & Shereen babeh!

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