Monday, March 16, 2009


last night we went to Sushi king for our dinner!
romantic & sweeet !!! LOL

went Gp today afternoon.

*i looks so cute right? *winks.

Bored at there, nothing to do.
Dont have any nice movie to watch? *lol

Two sweetie XD

went batu feringgi but too bad,
boyf car's side windows spoil.
can scroll down, but cant scroll up =/
luckily didnt rain, if not JJ & Weien need to use umbrella. HahaHA!

while waiting the ferry :):)

Although its quite bored, but still had fun w/ them :):)
they are always so funny & nice =)
enjoyed w/ them, especially w/ my boyf! i love you so so much!

Tmrw going to school in the morning.
awwww* activity. i scare of the sun*
hopefully i dont want turn black like ahpunnehneh.
i wanna myself as white as snow white! *lol

Countdown for 5 days.
my boy going to leave me for 3months.):):
spend more & more time w/ him!
god, bless us =D

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