Monday, March 23, 2009

Kay Elle.

I'm back from KL.
seriously, don't have enough time to shopping.

on the way to Kay Elle ;

Haha, Saturday.after asked for da college information.
Back to '3 sam' house to had a shower & rest.
Then, headed to Mid Valley. omg, i cant get anything i wanna from there.
awwww* mayb it's too tired or i'm missing him too badly?
Had dinner, went back straight went to sleep :/

i love this! *

Sunday, 11sumthing. Say goodbye w/ 3sam them,
and went to One Utama :] seriously, one utama is so so bigg!
Dont have enough time lahh! if not, i'll get more things form there. :):)

Anyway, i enjoy this trip alot!
although its too rush & tired trip. *lol

{ Ya, i didn't meet up w/ kentwyn.}
He was busy w/ his assignment.
he will come back to pg soon~ "]

我不喜欢分离的感觉! 那天送他的时候,我没有哭~
反而是他在bus上面哭. 我以为自己很坚强.
第4天而已~每晚睡觉前都会很想哭. 想念想念
想念是会呼吸的痛. awwww*

Haha,result come out already.
8subject i failed 3subject. passing marks 60 har!
i failed KH, English & the bloody Maths.
i sure i'll work harder for the coming exam.

it's hard to be strong when you've been missing someone for so long.
I' misssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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