Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i skipped school today. yesterday was sukan tara.
i ran 300meter! now my legs are damn pain! awww*
i'm so lazy go to school. so so, i ponteng today. *lol
i'm such a bad student right? :P who cares?

i turn dark alot ! i just look like apunehneh now.
how to go visit him on saturday? later he cant recogize me how?HAHA!
he somemore ask me to put a red dot on my head! grrrr. how dare are him? !@#$

i went to a camp @ perak last year.
i gt da picts of th camp since last months?
& now only i wanna to post th picts up =)
hope all of ya enjoy my blogggs!
hey hey hey. i'm sorry for my broken englishhhh! =P

second day of th camp ` th last day!

*camera shy*

peace ;D

OMG, saturday is coming so soon.

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