Sunday, March 15, 2009

Short and Clear.

Happy Belated Birthday to Junior :):)

yesterday we went Baling for th celebration :)
Hutan lipur bukit hijau? if i'm not mistaken.
We enjoyed and had fun there!
Th waterfall r so nice! and chi kik* XD

th worse things is th birthday boy phones' hilang*
hope he is fine now.

Then Nights when to uncle house :)
for dinner & BBQ ~

they are so kind & nice :D:D

We watched MU v.s Liverpool there.
My MU lose. OMG! 1-4 . wtf wtf?oops.
*i promise not to scold rude words anymore*

After that, went to th Hot spring :)
Th air really panas! LMAO!

Wessley in the hot spring * he's crazy & funny* lol
saw this? TAGGGGG me! :P:P

Yingfong * Hiak. another siao kia kaki XD

Last but not least,
b w/ him 7months :):)
i lovessssssss youuuuuuuuu!

ll' reupdate my blog soon :)
going to get da picts from yennie and junior :)

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