Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14/4/2009 :*D

Th one who always so BPS :P

i love my life :D:D

no doubt, it's me th only me.

Date me people :D

First of all, i just wanna to upload some my pict.
was taken by me in th afternoon when im back from school.
my hair still th short, my face still that round :P:P
i'm just that fat. H-A-H-A. laugh at myself ):

secondly, TMRW is a Big day of a girl.
That girl name TSUANN :):)
Happy Birthday!
Girls, all i wanna to say is -
Enojy your days :D
sweet 15 :P *omg,i still 14 now*
Hah, all the best ! *winks*

Please help me to click at th Ads once you view my blog.
I wanna to earn money $$ :D:D
please and thanks!

Lastly, i'm gonna fight for my coming exam.
yea. god-bless-me ! it's a must to pass all subject!
but still, i'll try to hang out w/ you guys :P:P

okie, th article is done.
i update its all because of th birthday girl.
TanSuann :Bmust be surpise okie? :D

It's th time to bed. *yawns*
but i haven't get th call from him.
i'm stil waiting.

Goodnight & sleep tight.

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