Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i want to blog more *D

" I Don't Act. "

i want to be a active blogger. that's why i'm here now.
today got no tuition. and i don't need to stay back. =)
a little free so i online. teehee. don't scold at me. i really don't have th mood to study if i don't blog. :p:p

i'm gonna post up my classmate picts. Hah, actually my class are not bad.
i tried to join w/ them. and for sure, they treat me friendly too. =)
we hav been study together 5months. Omfg, time past so fast. Pmr is getting nearier? );
i don't want th time pass so fast. God can you hear me? * [ ] *

no teacher in th class :D:D

everyone was busy w/ their stuff.

i'm busy takin pict.

He was really too bored. MOMO can you see this? =P

th hand is belong to a GUY. *lol

Oh ya! tmrw i'm goin to hav a hair cut w/ suki. -)
wish my hair won't get cut tmrw and then i can cut a pretty hair style xD
i want my fringe round round and thick thick :)
cause seriously i need some change. my hair is always same. 100years dy *grr*

so wish me luck people :)

ps. everyone is come back. but someone is goin to leave.
pps. maybe baby's goin to study @ KL. i don't know =)
but i do support him always and forever ya.
ppps. i don't know why you wanna to think like that.
but we really don't mean like that.
pppps. Baby i misss you <3

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