Tuesday, May 5, 2009


well, it's been a long time i don't blog.
my house modem spoil. and mum get a new one y'day :):)
i got a lot of tuition nowadays. i really had no time to sleep. *awww*
it's just because of th PMR. feeling so stress. i need to relax and enjoy my life.
life is colourful, i dont want make my life colourless.
so, i never study. really shit. when past through th class test. i promise myself to study hard.
and no more play play. but now, it's still th same? i just don't know why i'm so lazy. ):):

but anyway, my babe is come back to me. Forever. =)
he's going to study in INTI. takin ADTP. 2years old? he hav to go for US. :/
mayb after two years i'm goin to US too. LOL. who's know?
blah blah blah. i'm goin out tmrw. w/ him. because i wanted to watch 'Coming Soon' !
Haha, i hope i can enjoy myself tmrw. and forget about S-T-U-D-Y.
i miss him so muchhhhh! he's mine mine mine :P:P

i'm gonna cut my hair. i hate my hair. it's so messy!*awww*
oh ya, tmrw my club AGM. NEH! need to stay bak. 'm so tired w/ it.

omg, crap alot here.
wait for my next post kay?
i try to 'born' some picts out xD
i got no time to take picts! *roar* i realize i look so fat and ugly.
haihs. whad to help? ):):

shit shit shit.
i got no mood now.
why i look so ugly and fat?
GOD. can u help me?

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