Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17 :D

oh yeah !
Finally i hav done w/ my Sejarah and Geografi folio. *clap hands*
i used one day to complete my sejarah folio. HAHA kinda pro.

the stupid mid-term is just around the corner. wth. i dont know how many time did i mention about it. but th people around all started to study like fight for war. but me? sitting in front of th com and plurk non-stop. th heart is always stick w/ th com and not my book! rawr!

however,i'm gonna stop th stupid action! i need to study hard. but only left 1 week. i can finish everything meh? esp th KH. haihs! some more th subject always killing me - Maths! may god bless me and alibaba all bless me! this may b th last post before my exam =)
say goodbye to my blog! but i won't say goodbye to my plurk. still will keep th hard work on my plurk :p:p

gonna upload some random picts.
before my hair cut. when i looked back~
omg, it's fcuking mature! *lol
nyek ;) never mind la. my hair is growing growing.

Til here.
*Th boy is waiting for me* =P

hey Jane, burn midnight oil together!
*da gou gou* LOL

your trustly,
Y E E. =)

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