Thursday, June 4, 2009

Babe i misss you.

Current mood : Happy :D:D
Current music : Boom Boom Pow

i'm addicted to Dinner dash.
bro helped me download a dinner dash from which is unlimited.
thanks him <3

Oh hell yeah! my chankei is goin to Hongkong for 1 week.
please remember to bring something back FOR ME :P:P
my birthday is coming so soon. SEPT 28 ! people do remember it. HAHA!

i'm leaving penang for 3days. goin to KL from Saturday which is til Monday.
Do misss me, and take care of yourself. Haha. B back soon yo yo :)

Til here. goin to continue my dinner dash.
will be back soon!
*why people can put effort in their exam but i can't?*
*why they can study til so hard but i can't?*
i still thinking the question. Yo yo. i wish to get a ans soon!

SYNG; we'll meet soon :D:D

i wanna it all.

We meant to be.

p/s WE ARE FRIEND NOW. *not hate you anymore*

D: hell, tmrw need to tuition.

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