Monday, June 1, 2009

EXAM was over. =D

nothing gonna change my love for you :]

talk about my exam.
O-M-G. i did not prepared well for it.
and i still hang out w/ my boy when exam. see, so bad uh?
but i don't care. *lol* th mid-term really tak da feeling.
all i want was just hope th exam past faster :D
th time past very soon. it's holiday now :D

and i look very old now. like a auntie. =(
i almost sleep at 3am in th mid-night everyday. and i got a lot of pimples now too! *RAWR*
but still i hope i can past all th subject. just PASS! no need A lah.
i think that's hard for me. MATHS is still th problem. :(:(
but i don't want think that so much. just enjoy my holidays right? haha.

last week. FRIDAY. th end of my exam.
yea. i went Jusco w/ suki and other else to celebrate :D
ate Pizza & took some picts. i wanted to watch movie but too bad they dont want and dont have much time! so canceled. =(
it's okay. cause i can save some money =D

Me N Suki NG :D

i love this picts! =D

*she's going to Kill me when she saw th pict!*
Yea, you know i know =D

then night. i went Auto city w/ huijoo.
and i met Jane, Von my syg, Qi my gossip babeh, rounie and cyang.
Th suki leave me alove and she go to meet w/ her boyf 'fei lun hai' *lol
somemore she got th album *rawr* but she did'nt got th signature from them!
she just past her album to other and th people help her. wtf? abit ... right? :P
then someone gave me a surpise. he phoned me and told me he was there too.
HAHA! how sweet? :P met w/ him. and chit chat at iceicebaby.

eating w/ Qi, Jane, Von and huijoo @ Sushi King.

w/ th japanese. fei lun hai fans =D

so far away from me. my love <333

Yea, that's me =)

Bye My friday. Bye my fei lun hai. Bye i miss ya all :P

last stop, my home sweeet home. LOL

that's all for my friday. i did really enjoy!
i'm in love w/ feilunhai ! they really fanstatic and sweeet :D
A good start for my holiday too right? TEEHEE!

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