Thursday, June 25, 2009

i am back. finally.

Hellos readers ! I’m bak, finally!

I totally fed up w/ my com. Don’t know whad happen.

Rawr. But still, I will update my blog.

This post I’m gonna talk about my KL trip.

Yea, th picts will more than words. :P

I’m such a lazy bugggggs nyek*

First day.

From penang to KL.

Th beloved capital of Malaysia.

Checked in at THE GRADEN hotel.

And stay there for 3days =)

Went to Mid valley shopping all th days!

Had dinner at Madam Kwan. Nasi lemak delicious-Nya.

Tumbs up :-D

Night, went to china town at petaling street for supper.

Th food was just okay only. Th place is crowded & dirty. :/

Day Two :*)

Had my breakfast at toast box. Nice meal ! :DD

Shopping at Mid-Valley and also the graden.

Th department stall Robinson, Metrojaya,jusco,isetan just so big.

And I went to swimming w/ bro. cause both of us gt our new swimming trunk there :P:P

I forget where we took our dinner dy. HAHA!

Then shopping again. *lol

Day Three =D

Met w/ aunty them.

And my family expect me, back to penang.

But I stay w/ aunty them. Just for accompany mingjay my cousin.

Had our high tea at hotel. Enjoy <3

And shopping w/ aunty.

I think that’s all ? :s

I knw I shopping all th time xD

Day four :-D

Had my breakfast w/ uncle.

Then swimming w/ uncle, aunty and mingjay.

Finally I knw how to float on th water XD

Afternoon, we went to Genting. ;S

That’s totally a bored trip la!

Tired and exhausted !

And I did not had fun at all.

no friends? And maybe I miss baby a lot !

and I misss penang :D:D

Day five. The last day =)

Had breakfast at coffee bean.

Then said good bye to genting.

And went home.

Finally Home Sweet Home !

Ps. Dude, I’m back ! TEEHEEEE :-D

Pps. Transformer, I’m coming :P

Ppps. I’m not going to school tmrw.

Pppps. Baby I miss you Xx.

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