Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥i'm th bitch.

* i want you ;]

i lost control again.*cough*
i promise not to update my blog what.
what m i doing here? laugh out loud!

i went to AEON jusco w/ mum and sis yesterday.

fitting room :]]

she's choosing the shower gel ;p;p

sis went there to get her things. she's leaving to Kedah Wednesday.
HAHA. i can get back the ROOM! i can wear her clothes whenever i wanna :P:P
i get her a present TOO! see, th good sister E-V-E-R :-)
wishing her all th best in her college life. she's going to AIMST for her further study.
still, she can come home every week. ://

i will miss her XOXO

11months anniversary is coming. 2days to go only la :]
but we had a bad argue just now. so bad uh!
We're fine now don't worry.
hah, i hope we can stay sweet always!
GOD Bless ME AND HIM p/s.

this post is actually for my sister and my babyboy.
happy 11months anniversary Baboooooo.


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