Sunday, July 26, 2009

will be fine :-)

The pretty is backy ;)

exam was finished!
i'm trying to enjoy my day.
but 3weeks more, Trial Exam. WTHECK?!
where got enough time to study? *slap*

Friday, i went to Bayview Beach hotel, w/ th gang.
for celebrate Shuan's Big Day! The earlier birthday celebration ;]
me and B was late to there. Cause i got a fcuking stupid tuition.
and B need to work. Can't join them earlier *sad case*

okie, i don't want to mention more!
because i haven't arrange and edit all th picts!
so people, just be patient! and Wait ;]

This picture was taken long long time ago :P:P
before the exam started,
we went to Sunway w/ th gang to watched Ice Age 3.
Picture captured every memories of US in life :D

why both of us so young sui? tsk,tsk*

fine, i argued w/ mum last night.
and B was busy at Shuan's place.
so, leave me alone.
i was thinking and thinking ):):
who can i find beside Boonhow?
everyone seem like forgt about me.
they got their own friends, they got their own Gang.
But me? who got me? i got me?
seriously, i found myself got no any friends that close.
i felt myself so ke sian. everything,every moment w/ HER, w/ Them were GONNA.
haihs. i missss them, i miss her.

i felt so not good when i know they went out.
Never phone me, never Text me.
and She got him, she forget about me.
i'm just alone.

who can be my trustly?
who can be my girl?
that's just no one.

i got no my own gang.
i'm alone.

i cried until I fall sleep too last night.
don't you know my feeling?
i got the same feeling w/ you.
i'm so not right.

i will be back w/ smile in the next post :-)
yae, i know. everything will be fine SOON!
it's the time to comfort me peeps! Laugh out loud!

Next post - P-A-R-T-Y ;)
let's rockkkkkkkkkkk yo yo!

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