Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm S-I-C-K now.
Stay at home, stick w/ th computer all th day.
Sleep whenever i wanna. no need to care about the homework.
i should happy, isn't it? but i'm not that happy :[

because, i'm scare of myself gt H1N1 la.
i'm dying soon? *slapself*
Rushed to clinic last night. oh holly mama.
A lot of patient,waited for so long.
a lot of people sick nowadays. *cough*
TAKE CARE yourself peeps.
i'm having fever, sore throat, Flu.
but doctor said just normal sick. *ngek*
i'm happy because i'm not dying :P:P

i got 2 mask and a lot of medicine from da doctor! *tears*
Hope i can recover as soon as possible!
i want to hang out, hang out, hang out! =P

Last Sunday night.
Went to tambun w/ family!
Had a delicious dinner at there, *claps hands*
but we waited about 1 hour plus plus. *rawr*
but i think that's worth enough! yo :]


and the Expensive FISHY :-P
i'm gonna remind Somebody!
please behave yourself ;]
don't try to mess up the thingy.
i can friendly w/ you whenever i wanna,
but still i can fight w/ you whenever i hate you!
Please look at yourself before you trying to talk about other.
still dare to tag me and comfort me o0o
i won't give you a damn!

You know who are you! bitch :]

last but not least, i had cut my hair :]
loads of friends say got no different.
bleks :P who's care? just made myself more comfortable!
i'm still that CUTE and PRETTY, isn't it? :P:P

That's all about now i think!
yea. wait for me. about the bayview part :P:P

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