Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caring Week and Outing day.

finally the pretty is backy for blogging ;p;p

Y'day was my school canteen day.
it's getting boring and boring year by year. ):):
not fun at all. and that's no handsome guy at all!*upset*
oops, i knw my boy are reading this ;p;p *syng*

that's call fun fair :S

flooded w/ a lot of people!

The Sweet couple ;D

we played ONE station game ONLY. it's so childish and boring. =/
that's why i said getting boring. but still i enjoyed w/ my friends :D:D

Then i went home and sleep like a piggy.
suddenly phone rang, i answered the phone. It's my BOYYYY!
he asked to out w/ him and his gang.

ohhh yeah. for sure i won't miss the chance to out :P
so i woke up and prepared myself.
Then Shuan the driver, kent and baby came and fetched me and Qi. =)
we headed to Queens to meet up Jr,Shereen,JJ and a Japanese guy name Hero 'sang ;D
The Japanese guy is so kind,friendly and polite :D:D

* She's GOOD to me :)

* Brota brota :)


The driver ;)

We went back to Sunway Carnival Mall after 20minute i think?
Had our high tea at Winter Warmer :D

i love th ice peach tea. HAHA

And we watched G.I.JOE y'day.

RECOMMEND to watch it ;D
NICE movie.

After Movie.
went to their friends house.
to celebrate the guy birthday.
Eat,chit-chat and sing K at there.
lil bored but it's still okie =/
Happy birthday to him! but i guess he won't see it.

After That, Sad case happened ; boyf's buddy met an accident. *sigh
look at his car. omfg. that's so scary. luckily both of them are safe :D

That's all about my y'day.

ps. i felt so sorry cause i skipped the sejarah tuition.
pps. i had fun y'day :D:D
ppps. i should really pay effort to start study.
pppps. that's trial examination not school test. ):):
pppppps. Happy belated birthday to the birthday girl. Jiajia :D:D
i wished her on the phone and texted her already.
all the best, cutie!

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