Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy birthday!

Here again.
not even touch my book!
but keep touching th mouse and keyboard!

i haven't recover. i sick almost 1week already ):):
i think i need to see the doctor again. haihs.
H1N1 getting serious, but the exam still goes on. time still flying.
whad to do? just keep on study in th sick mode. *cough*

not gonna talk about my sickness.

Happy birthday to my Daddy.
yesterday was his birthday :D:D

i did a card for him. and we went to celebrate his birthday last night too!

Happy birthday to TEH THENG YIN!
a lil princess ;p;p
she's just so cute always!
*even though her hair had cut by th teacher*
did not stay back to celebrate w/ her today because of my cough and flu.
but wishing you all the best and goodluck in everything :]
stay pretty and get taller kay? :D

oh ya. still got satu orang la :P
Davidc. itu Chai.
haha, today is the guy big day;
wish him happy birthday!
haha. all the best! and stay happy ya dude!

i realize that aug got quite a lot people birthday!

* why am i w/ this pose?* LOL

till here. Take a nap, Had a Kit-Kat!
yea. i can't eat chocolate! because i'm sick. =(
how sad?

wish my recover asap!

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