Thursday, August 20, 2009

Especially for you.

my school have started the trial exam today.
which mean i'm having a percubaan for PMR.
i'm not prepared well. ):):
let's see how the result gonna to be!
i think i will get kill by my mum if she know my result.

and for your information,
the trial is end after the holiday!
so, i cannot enjoy my holiday. i cannot hang out w/ all my babes!
i'm sorry if i made you miss me alot :P:P

This article is especially for you.

*that's her* The skinny girl. taken it when house practise!

Beloved Chankei.

she's leaving Malaysia to Hongkong tmrw.
go back to her country. ):
kinda sad. because i couldn't meet her just now.
my ahmad goes for a holiday and nobody willing to fetch me.
i'm sorry babe!

She will come back soon. hopefully! then we'll meet, take alot of picts :D:D
you're always so sweet to me.

p/s : my Ahmad go to hong kong for his vacation.
he will back in tuesday. i miss him so much! *wtf

I'm gonna concentrate w/ my roller coaster.
and after that, i should start study the Novel kapten hassan,aku anak timur and merdeka!
a lot of things need to memorize *cries*

oh ya. Here's a Good news!
I got a brand new pinky mini laptop :D
the gift from my daddy :)

pps. don't try to cheat in the exam.
i will report to the school if you trying to cheat again.
it's you. i've send out the warning. Don't Regret Bitch.

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