Thursday, August 13, 2009


Peeps, i'm Fine :D:D

no worries. thanks to my babies.
They care about me so much, i feel so warm.

Ths few days, are th worse day in my life.
upset, sad, angry, feeling like wanna to jump down *lol
i keep on thinking, why love's must be complicated?
and must pass through so many hard things?

i admit i'm childish, i scolded her bitch in my blog.
nobody scold me but everyone was asking me whd happen and came to comfort me.
Thanks loads! but the fact is, i feel so shame.
i shouldn't do this. ):):

Yae, He lied to me.
please, don't ask me whd happen anymore.
Since everything is settle down. Just let it be.
Because, as Hui said : Try to don't care everything.

And i learnt something.
Accept the truth

although it is so darn hard.
but i'm still me.
i still can laugh when i'm falling down.

代价只是一句 傻瓜 : )

幸福不会成长, 只会慢慢消失。

但是, 我仍然会带着微笑;
去面对。 因为我努力了,就算跌倒

Because of the lil thing.
i wasted my time, my tears.
i don't study at all.
i feel myself like rubbish :/

I'm so STUPID!

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