Saturday, August 29, 2009

Huijoo Birthday celebration :D

Wishes Hui Joo Happy birthday :D
you're finally 15 :P and yea. you're OLDER than me!
may all you dream come true.

the picture was taken by last year :D
Remember that's on my birthday!
One year plus. YESH. our friendship =P
more than forever :)

We went to celebrate her birthday after my sejarah tuition.
The human who was there :
Me, Suki, XinYee, Vincent, ZuZhen, WeiSoon and the birthday girl Huijoo.

Start eating :):)

Why should i take photo w/ you? *evillaughs

Why you don't want take pict w/ me ):

The very first time, Camera Shy :P

Quite Fun :D
but my body was seriously in a bad smell :/
cannot stand for the BBQ and Steamboat smell.
Take a shower and i feel better :D:D

She's eating what's that? XD

Boyf and girlf :)


Take 1 Take 2 Take 3 Non-Stop :D

ps. the only outing w/ HER.
but still we met at least once in this holiday :P
don't be sad anymore dah!


Just a simple celebration.
we eat alot. and we bought a small cake for her!
and i know she was happy and ill surprise!

I wanna a birthday celebration like that.
just simple but happy and warm :D:D
I wish i wish i could have a birthday like this, seriously.

The holiday is going to end soon.
school going to reopen. The trial is coming.
Yea. i never study. i was totally out of control.
i wanna to enjoy my life so much! until i forget how to work hard.
Rawr. i don't want myself to regret when i get bad result.
So please. i'm gonna stop blogging until the trial end.
Still got 2days. i hope can study as much as i can.
I wanna pass my result with flying colour :D

No more outings, don't care is boyf or babies.
please. don't date me OUT! :P

written by,
SiewYeeT with Lovess*

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