Friday, August 28, 2009

Library :D

Chill always ;]

*did i suit long hair? Ha ha.

A L O H A :D :D

Finally i got the effort to update my blog :D
i had a nice time w/ them at the library.
the 1st time i spend my time w/ THEM.
It's really FUN yeah ;D

She's Pui jane :D

i'm the blogger :D

Cat the rine :)

MangoRobin & Cat Cat :D

Su Ann :D

* Friends only :P

Andy =)

Thengyin :D:D

And Then And Then,
after studied we went to Sunway Carnival to watch movie.
Laughing Gor :D:D

Rates for the movie, 8/10
Nice movie.

p/s : Short but Meaningful :P

Enjoy yo.
Signing out.

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