Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time ago :-D

first of all,

Tmrw is the special holiday!
so i no need to wake up early and go to school. how nice :)
Form4 and lower6 exam are postpone until the raya holiday finish.
i wonder that's good or them or bad?
neway, All the best to all senior :D

the second thingy ;
i'm just awake from nappie.
and i'm having a good mood now!
so i want to blogging :P
* i saw Keikei blog, and she wrote.
All babes did not update their blog*

sincerely, I wanna to be the 1st to update blog before PMR

I went Sunway to watch The Ugly Truth w/ Him.
Oh yea. i wanna watch this long time ago :D
That's a great movie!
Truth are always UGLY!

rates for the movie,
9/10 !

Took a taxi after school to go for Movie at Jusco.
p/s : i'm not shame at all by taking taxi!
i pay you, you fetch me :P
Don't gaze at me when you see me inside the taxi :D

Watched Where got Ghost.
Apa tu? a Lame x1000 movie!
rates for the movie only,

August of 18 is the VIP birthday.
And guess whad? i did a CAKE for him.
it's all by myself :D
he did finish up everything!
So yea, i'm freaking happy, although the cake is just simple :D

After that, He bring me to Sushi King.
We took our lunch there :)
Simple and Sweet celebration okay? :D

I feel so uneasy.
Because recently i don't pose to take any picture!
So lame So bored when i saw my pic in blog and facebook.
please, i wanna to be poser :P
Soon i think, after PMR!

I think i should go now.
20days to PMR!
God- bless- Me !

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