Saturday, October 17, 2009

Black Canyon Coffee!

Currently at Black Canyon Coffee. Using free wifi to online.
Because my work start at 3o'clock. And someone overnight my homey last night.
So i need to come early! So hell yea, alone now :(
3o'clock ! 3o'clock.

all of us everyday stand for alomost 10 hours! The leg just feel like breaking!
And lunch break just only half an hour. How greats?!
listen to the Disney song everyday! i can sing very well now Lol.
very tired. but still i had fun w/ those babies :D
The are pretty cute, pretty handsome! Their eyes omfg.
Sot me all the time XDXD

Just gotta share some picts w/ ya all :)
i will upload all the picture after i finished my JOB!

The T T sister look :)

HOOPLA Girl :)

Ng Suki.

Mickey mousey :)

Suann, Thengyin, Me :D

You're welcome to find me HAHA!

Til here. End :D

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