Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oh hell yea. i'm back the training :(
and i knw i'm gonna crazy in this 10days!
so bloody tired. and i cannot just escape.
Wth wth. And i need to perform well on the stage.
haihs. lag of confidence. i think i still can improve!
i just get the scrip yesterday. and start reading through it today.
but i need to perform in the complex tmrw. WOW.
You see. whd a big joke?

After PMR my life still the same.
Tiredness never go away from me lol.
but at least i can gain some experience!
i hope everything will goes fine fine tmrw :)
and i won't mempersiasuikan sendiri!

Ps. come and support DUTCHLADY brand new milk :)
pps. i'm the T T sister!
pps. i gotta dance and be the storyteller on the stage tmrw.
ppps. i got to go now. to memorize everything~

and i wish i can act like hyperactive. play w/ those kiddos :D
that's all. I M Y :)

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