Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i locked up my bloggie just now.
because i'm changing a new shirt for her!
So, don't worry!
I've reopen ;D

I've change a brand new skins for my bloggie ;)
Looks great right?
i spent almost one day to complete this blogskin.
that's why i hate to change my blogskin!
Hard and Complicated ! but i wanna something Freshy for my bloggie wert :p
So please,drop sweet words :P

PMR is finally definitely OVER :D
i think all form3 student are busy for partty shaking! Laugh out loud*
but how about me? Rot at the home. and did nothing.
Stick w/ the TV and laptop. Nothing else :(
i had finish all my snack few days ago!
Toooo bad. too bad.

But a great thing to do tmrw ;)
i'm going to a training, and start working at Friday!
TADAAAA :*) Gonna work at AEON jusco!
pay me visit okay? ;)

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