Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live,life,laugh :D

This going to be a long long post.
Loads of picture. loads of story! :D
All of them are a part of my trip memories.
i feel great because i snap down the moment we being togther!
The laugh, the joy. Hees.

But i'm so so sorry to my bloggie.
i've abondoned my bloggie for few weeks. *aww
because there's too much of picture.
And too much of things i need to settle down.
BOOOO! and finally i'm free now. =)

So here we go :)

6 fellows, start our journey at 9.45pm.
*i still remember whd's the time :)
Waiting the time to past and finally we reached our destination,Johor.

*Resting :P

*and this fellow SS. Syok sendiri !

Yeap. We Reached :)
Took A Cap to Crystal Crown Hotel.
While waiting Miss Olivia to meet us,
Guess what we did? For sure, CamWhore :P
that's what girls love to do, am i right?
But there's a Guy who love to take picture w/ us too! *laughs

*waited her for almost 1hour :(

* Just ignore me ! :(

Take One :P

Take Two :)

Take Three :D

Take Four ;]

Take Five! :]

Oh yea. Zuzhen was the one who suggest to took this kind of picture!
If you feel uncomfortable looking at these photo. FIND HIM! :D

After that, went to our room.
Continue :
Non-stop non-stop!

Do we look like couple?
Suki said we two look like couple!
Haas, he got lover dy. So, don't think too much! :D

Suki Ng.

And after that, we headed to Terbau City for buying materials.
that's such a big mall Haas. just same like Queensbay in penang.

And we back to hotel. went to ballroom for training.
Weee. just 5 people come for the interview! =/
6something. Headed to terbau city again for our dinner.
but the traffic was very jam. stuck in the traffic jam for almost 1hour. :(
Took our dinner at The Chicken Rice shop. *delicious :D

J-Card member day. Omgosh.
flooded w/ loads of people!

missing my Chocolate cream chip.

she looks so soink in this picture! XD

Shopped until 11something. and back to our hotel.
That's all about the 1st day :P

2nd day-
move to New York Hotel.
No more Crystal Crown hotel.

- untill the last day.
Almost the same.
Woke up; speed breakfast; Start working; break half an hour for lunch;
break an hour for dinner; Finish working; back to hotel; supper; Sleep.
that's what we did everyday in JB.

some random picture :D
what we did there, who we met there XD
Awww. so bad i cannot see them now.
thinking of them now. Wow. Hope to see them very soon!

Random shoot :P

My Bossy ; Clarris :)
And the girl beside looks pretty right? :P
Yea, right! that's me! XD

Who is the guy? He's Nicko :D
From philippines. currently single but unavaible.
Because he's falling in love w/ Suki.
But suki erhmmmm. =X
Neway, he's a sweet guy and good guy! :)
Nice to meet him! Weeee!

this is whd we did in the DJ booth.
Too bored before we start our meet and greet section.

She's so so so enjoy playing this and that! :D

Mic testing. Dutch lady testing XD

T T mascot w/ T T sister! Lol.
Give me a T, Give me a T :P
Who's inside? the left handside TT was Zuzhen.The right handside was Nicko. *if not mistaken

Say hello to T T *boooo. =/

Sushi king. XD
Funny right? i forgt when we took this?
But seriously i like this!

Don't know which day, Had a lunch break w/ Marlo.
Yea. The handy Manny guy w/ Green Tee-shirt.
All i can say is just, he's a romantic guy! :)
He can sing very well. and play guitar very well too.
Oh yea. he's single now. but he say no loves, he wants to study!
So, sorry girls! XD You can Q to wait him untill he finish he's studies kay? LOL
Glad to know you bro! i'm still waiting for the video :(
Please upload it as soon as possible! Haas, i miss you.

And this. Who's this?! XD
Mac; i used to call him BIG MAC!
He's a nice guy too. And just like my brother :)
he's going back to s'pore soon. So see you :(
Actually he's not that bad if you know him well.
Haas, he can sing very well too! and he's a super duber funny guy!
Always make peoples laugh. =)

Ng Zu Zhen! he's from penang 1 la XD
want to know him? better don't. he's actually very bad LOL
kidding. he's good and funny and cute and short XD
i knw him since last year. so whd to comment on him?

SweeHou w/ Me.
hmm, This guy? he's CUTE!
hard to make him laugh i tell you.
but i always remember. he sang
Nobody nobody but you XDXD
i miss him toooooo ;)

Christine and me :D
She's a girl same age w/ me :D
Friendly and adorable! So nice to know her.
Like my sister sister. *awwww
i think we going to meet soon :P
*no worries :D

The last morning we took our breakfast at New york hotel. Haas.
So sweet. just like one big family! :)

We took a lot of picture in the last day.
marlo's brother ; Marnell :D
Who bring their SLR come. And took photo.
i wanna the camera too. So freaking cool ! =/
Papa, can you hear me? i wanna a better 1. <;
i think he will kick me when he know lol.

So here we go, Got the Jump Shoot, Ready Shoot. Hoopla Shoot.

Blah blah blah! Just let's go :) JOM!

H-O-O-P-L-A ! :)

Is the time to say Goodbye :(

Broda ; Broda :)

Taken by me :)
He's so pro -,-

Feel like slapping him! XD

Marlo and Charlene. Wow.
both also yellowish. So match :P

Edited by me. White marlo w/ white Siewyee. :D

Pretty V.s Ugly.
The ugly is me :(


Oops. He said he got wife, and two children.
So, just like daughter kissing papa :)

Again. U S :D

looking at ? -,-

Don't want to look at me? It's okay! Lol
i ignore him :P


Take two , BOOOO :D

Take Three. Smile :)

Ready to go :(


too fast XD


Perfect shoot :D

Peace :)

i'm crying at that time. So sad.
Cause they are going back to their home sweet home.
And i'm leaving johor too. :(

Marnell and Marlo!
Who's better? :D:D

I love this picture.
So natural la la la XD

By the way,
Marnell. eventhough he's not working w/ us.
But don't know why seems like i'm so close w/ him.
Haas, he's a shy boy. but i can 100% confirm.
Since you're friends w/ him. he's not that shy.
Don't be so shy. And you're so great to me :D

End w/ my picture :)
Loads of love <3

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