Monday, November 16, 2009


This is whad i did every night.
Chit-chat. Facebook.
& that time i was chatting w/ marlo and webcam-ing w/ Mac.
Haas, they are now in their hometown phil. Weee. so nice la the feel.
when you go back to your own country :D
Oh yea guys, remember bring something back for me!!

So this weekend, so called Family Day.
Which mean, i spent my time w/ them.
Yeap, that's feeling great :D:D
Daddy is not working or going out, Brother is not gaming.
Sister had come back from her uni. And i'm not working or outing w/ friends.
And Mummy are not doing housework! teehee, how's great if every weekend can be like this?

*the 1st picture in the room* :D


Dad's office had a familyday at Flamingo Hotel.
if you did add me in facebook. And you will noticed about.
Hotguys,bikini,beaches! YEAH ^.^v
But so sad, the stupid menstruation make me cannot swimm. Awww*

Still, i joined dad and his friends to play some games.
just like team building :D

This is my Daddy, and spot me! on the right :P

Look. the first my dad touched my hair i think. Lol

i like this guy, so cool man XD

He's my another Dad. i meant the 'fake' one :D

This is mua brother. Looks how? :P

w/ him. :D

But when dinner time, i was like.
Oh no. Hell. So pain. P-A-I-N!
And i realized that i never bring my pain killers w/ me.
So, i was lying on the bed, crying like a mad woman.
Thanks god it already past! :)

The breakfast of the hotel is not bad. :D

After Breakfast. Yeah, This call FamilyLoves!

i love to jump recently Lol.
Don't ask me why, and i don't know why.

Jump higher, and imma more happy!

Say Hellos and Byebye to beach :D

I love this picts. BOOOOO! Say i'm pretty :P

The last photo before leaving :D

we watched 2012 at gurney.
that's the second time.
Yea, so i'm not crying in the cinema!
Nice movie, Tumbsup*!

Dad bought me this :D

Next post - outing w/ Suki :D
this call LIFE. Rock your world! :)

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