Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post in 2009 ;)

Say goodbye to 2009,

Say Hello to the year 2010! :D:D

Time flies, it's the last day in 2009. 2hours more.
it's going to be 2010. brand new year.
I wish it would be a good year great year. =)

Flashback, 2009's good year for me. i grown up!
gain so much of experience, made some new friends.
And i learnt to be more tough. mayb for someone that i'm still lil girl.
yeap, i admit i'm still young, not that mature.
But just don't point the fingers to me if you don't really know me.
everyone is learning to be more strong right? :D

need to thanks everyone who help me, hurt me in 2009.
And sorry to those i had hurt in this year too. =(

whd should i do in 2010?
Yeap, To do list :)
  1. Cut my hair. New hair for new year wert :P
  2. Play Hard, study harder! =)
  3. Make new friends.
  4. Enjoy life, life's short.
  5. Go to singapore ;D
  6. improve myself in whdever.
  7. update my blog more!
i guess that's all for nw. i will keep update about my TO DO list lahh i guess!
Stay at home for cdown. Awww* So bored so bored.
spend times w/ family also not bad ma hor? :P

kns, school going to reopen in 4days more?
How fast? =/

Yeap, Get over them and get a new life ;D
nobody wants you. so whd? =P

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