Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve ;]

I'm back from everywhere, like finally.
not going to anywhere. only stuck in my house or my aunty place.
That's all for the coming few days. And after that.
The worse part, School is going to reopen.
AWWWWWWW* i want to scream out loud like, I DONT WANT! :(

okie, i resize all of the pict. and i should start and update my blog.

The day before i gt my result, and i was like so nervous.
Cannot get into sleep. watched drama while waiting someone to on9 =X
beside watching drama, Camwhore like nobody business. Haha.

I only post up one of them ;]
my face is getting rounder and rounder.
nah. Do you realize that?
i keep on mention i'm fat in my blog =X

i slept for few hours only doh.
After that, went to school to get my result.
Hah, waited for some time; you knw that's called malaysian time XD
keep on chatting w/ friends.
like few years never meet them.

Get my result after that. i scream out so loud HAHAHA!
Yeap, i gt str8 A's. =) *im not showing off ya*
i'm sharing my happiness w/ ya all ;D
whdever shit. Whd to do next after getting my result?
PARTY LA :P somemore christmas eve! Woohooo ;D

p/s : My hair is too long and the stupid teacher don't let me collect my result by my won.
So we went back home to gt my IC, and my mum collect my result for me.
Seee, the farking stupid school . =/

Jane w/ me :D
both of us gt str8 A's! congraz NEH JANE!

Hah, like so amazing and impossible :X

Prepared myself and ready to go AutoCity.
at first i wore like that noh, but i guess that's too sexy.
I don't want any guy to fall for me dah, and sure because of someone. =)
And then i change. like a minnie mouse :P

Look, the mouse of the day LOL
Act like a stupid child. not bad right? :P

1st stop was starbucks, i met up vivan there.
she finished her drinks and then we went to Old town.
Had our dinner there, Catherine,Xinyee and Huijoo joined us.
at last the yuhan aka ah ma also came to join us :D

They went to pizza hut for their dinner.
Of course, me and Vivan went to the flea market for a walk ;]
And how fast, i gt a dress from there!

pizza Hut.

the cantik blogger? :P

Congraz her, Gt 8A's too :D
Catherine and MEME!

Reflection look better :)

Random shot. All of them dont want to take pict.
So whd can i do? Curi curi ambil la :P

> Yuhan And then Xinyee :)

from the right : Me,Catherine, Huijoo.

Vivan, whd are you looking at? :P

Vivan and Yuhan. =)

Hah, taken by vivan. *so natural* XD

And then its yuhan turn to shopp.
im totally broke, so just can LOOK. but cannot BUY :(
Nah, who want to sponser me some money to get new clothes? :/

The mouse like to take pict :P

Wow Wow. cantik la sangat 3orng tu !

Then Vivan and Yuhan gt home. left me,huijoo,xinyee and catherine.
Just walked around, and countdown.
Bumped into Jun. so we took photo ;D
He looked so handsome right? XD

# poser 1

# poser 2

# poser 3

pretty and hawt right? Nah :P

i was a bit emo that night doh.
was thinking of someone. and i really want to celebrate my christmas w/ him.
Awwww. so near yet so far! -_________-

still, that's the best christmas ever.
i gt the best christmas gift ever.
Thanks Santa Claus :D
i promise to be a good girl for the whole year! <3

Stop here.

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