Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Rot at home and i got nothing to do.
i should continue my drama, but i guess if i to watch them w/ my laptop.
My bro will come into my room fight w/ me. -__________-

Planning to go out w/ KaiQi.
but we facing the transport problem! wtheck.
Always gt the same problem same problem.
Nobody want to fetch us. and seriously idlike rapid or ferry. =/
Still thinking how to get of my house! D:

listing out the 10things i SHOULD/MUST do.
> 1. Buy a wedding Dinner dress.
> 2. Remind Daddy bring me to renew passport! i need them in saturay!d*aww
> 3. Hang out w/ my BABES! i miss them so much!
> 4. Stop eating i mean not that much -_____-
>5. Read some book. i haven't finish the book named Dare to fail.
>6. I should sleep more!
>7. Visit my grandparents before i leave here to sg and melacca.
>8. Grab some new clothes and New school baggggg!
>9. Update about my job in KL. =D
>10. Do some research about the guitar class stuff. i want to learn guitar. i mean i'm serious :]

posting up some random pict. when i was otw back to penang.
# pose 1

# pose 2

# pose 3
# pose 4

alrite. i should stop crapping. and continue my sudokuu :]

-Loads of love ♥♥
LadyYeeYee :D:D

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