Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day One In KL :D

-SUPER DUBER HYPER LONG lor this post.
Keep scroll down like no ending. =/
Yeah, i did what i said. i finished my KL post!
i started this post from 11o'clock,
Guess whd's the time now? 3o'clock! :(:(
Well, i never regret :D
At least i'm smiling when i typing and posting up every pict.
They brighten my life! (hyperbola) :P

Let's start.

The 1st day in KL.
we reached KL pretty late.
Almost 10o'clock. we travel there by Aeroline.
gt down at OneUtama. the place i worked for 16days.

We had our dinner. i forgt whds the restaurant name. =/
But the food was like just OK. Not really delicious.
Suki's Food.

My Welcome Food XD

MarYeenell And the menu :D

After that, started to set up everything.
Woot, i was awake all the time. Until 5.30 in the morning.
Went back to the hotel, Bathe and took my breakfast.
Finished and went to One Utama. Look, this call pro! :)

The first Day. My leg was freaking pain.
And the 1st day partner - JustinChoy.
Not really know him i mean the 1st day.
All of them are kind and friendly. :D

We had supper. Thanks for Clayton who bought them! :D
At least we gt something to eatttt!

Look at him. So 'Yam' ! right? XD

everyone starting to eat :D

Monday. I had my Off day w/ Suki.
pity us, need to wke up in the morning. Followed them to work =/
Went to shoppingg. and blah blah blah. i forgt.
Had lunch w/ Clayton,Suki, Weilun and his friend name Justin too :D

Christine and LongSheng. The JB hoopla team. just two of them.
Came and meet us :D
Had a great time w/ them!

We went to VietNam Kitchen :D
i love that place! just simply like that.

Gaaaaaa, Again. i accompany Justion for his dinner.
i will blush when i look at him, i mean start from that time.
But i guess everything is ok right now :D
Mayb i can just look at him more than 3sec! :P

I joined them after the boss finished his break.
Bowling, Not my cup of tea. So, i just sit down and wait for them for photo sticker.
Weee. at the end i still gt it. =) Thanks,buddy!

Next day, i'm doing MFTP that day.
My friends tigger and pooh.
Anytime, anyplace, the super sleuths are on the case!
i looked so nerd w/ that stupid cappp lor.
Yeah, i remember i went my dinner w/ Nahrend and Brandon lucas :D
Both of them are darn farnyyy and Ke ai :D nahrend, you know whd i mean? Ke ai :P

Oh yea, i went my lunch alone.
the 1st time, Alone. :*(
I Loveyoooo! Haas =]
The food there was awesome! :D

S S. :P

Okay, MMCH again. w/ the reddy shirt! :D
Justins sun glasses. So biggg for me. Or mayb my face look small :P

Went my lunch w/ Julian,Judson,Lian,Clariss.
KEBAB KING :D *i love kebab!*
Chicken kebab!

he was telling us those lame joke :P

*judson and Lian* :D

Dinner time, Justin joined us. *weeee!
- Just thai.

look, i kena force to take this photo! :P

ArJun :D
He look AWESOME i tell you.
you will just fall w/ him if he look at you and smile to you.

Julian and Me.
Julian is a beri funny and friendly guy.
i love to talk to him, he will never ask much if you need help.
He will just lend his hand for you. i like that way :D

Yea. we walking out from jusco.
A walk to remember :P

half day lor that day. Work from 1to6 onlyyy.
planned to go Midvalley for newmoon at 7.
But too bad cannot make it. so had our dinner w/ jim at Oriental Cravings?
Nice place la. New wing there! Huuu Huuuu :D

He went to cut his hair after that ;]

Jim :D

don't know which day already lor.
i was so tired telling you all when and where :(:(

Schanny, he boleh finish the kebab within two minute.
but me, i guess i need more than 10minute to finish one kebabb.

Brandon Lucas went dinner w/ us too!
But he left after half an hourr.
Woot* He's Cute and abit kiam pak :P
the 1st sight i saw him i thought hes malay.
But actually hes mix :D

Camwhored ;]

Roger birthday ;]
we went to celebrate! :D

I miss this room already! D:
Nahrendddd. Imy ;[

Which 1 you prefer?

Awww. Just let the photo do talking!
i really need to sleep now :(
3.30 alreadyyyy. mayb i will reupdate after i come back okay?!

KL Hoopla crew! i miss ya all ;(

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