Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buzeehhhhhhhhhhhh :-X

I'm so buzeeeehh w/ my life now.repeat the same thing everyday. kesian betul. some more my school life are not that fun! i got like thousand of tuition need to attend. and don't forget, this year i'm form4. i got to go for the IT class. Awwwww* house practice every monday. I want to be a good student. so its a must to go. and i need to fight w/ the SUN! but still, im getting darker. Fyi, i'm a pengawas sukan in the school. Sukan Tara and Sukan Tahunan are coming soon. So, i'm getting busier. need to stay back for meeting and all. I really don't hav time to rest. AND OH MY FARKING GOD. The add maths is driving me crazy! i don't know what happen to my add maths teacher in school. Ng Ling Ling. Whad she explained to us was just Two things. No point or making us blur. Yeap, the speed she teach us like super duber fast. but she said she's slow like a turtle. KILL ME!SLAP ME! *all the homework she gav i was trying my best to done it. but i always cant get the correct answer. :( i only tuition once a week for my addmaths. So my tuition teacher speed won't fast like my school teacher. Haihs.

And then, so many things happen. Tell me everything is just a dream. and everything will goes smooth after all these shit. i don't want to get in any trouble. Come on la. take things easy. Confusing in LOVE. Thats not the right time to start any relationship.if i'm going to start any relationship w/ anyone. i won't hide. Will tell everyone the truth.if you want to know anything about me, just come to ask me. No need to ask my friend or whad. i don't want make them in trouble too. the shit i made, i will clean it up by myself. all i need is to rest and study. I need to sleep seriously. but since i neglected my blog for such a long period. So i just sacfice my beauty sleep, and keep my blog update :P

Not to forget, i did something great today. ;D
i watched two movie in one day. Proud of myself. I watched Woohoo and Toothfairy. Both also nice movie. both also recommened to watch XD And prepare tissue paper when you are getting ready to watch it ;P Awesome movie, believe. After the movie, i met up w/ Him. I cried when i saw something. i don't know why i cried. Don't ask me why. Because even myself also i dont know. Haihs. It's complicated. :(

but thats call life.
I should upload alot of pict.
But i'm so lazy. whdever shit.
i just want to share my life w/ ya all.
Try to finish it and leave a comment for me :D
I miss you guys alot.

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