Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wooohhoooooo :D


Fyi, Nasi lemak are available in my school now :D superb nice, but its BERY spicy! only one bucks per plate. You may try it XD

Nah, post up some picts.
I went out w/ BoonHow. Met up w/ him after he back from nilai inti. So far he's getting endao and slimmer. All thanks to me okay? XD whdever la, he told somebody he was w/ FAMILY but not my name Tan Siew Yee. really pissed me off. =/ anyhow, it's past already ;] he's coming back again during CNY. Hope to meet up w/ him more. Wooohoo!

Besides TIRED and BUSY, thats nothing much about my life. i hope i can get over all these asap. I want to get a new life la. Stuck in BM, stuck in PG is not that fun. Awwww* I want to fly =,=
Hopefully i can get my CNY clothes this weekend. don't really hav enough time! I want to get heels! So so so so, stop crapping. its the time to off my lappy, and start doing homework. Yer so sien, need to go to school and stay back for pengawas sukan meeting. :(

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nice or not? i want to get this. ;]

Take one, YONGSUI!


cute? :D

Us. =)

WOAH. i like this very much. look at his mouth =.=

p/s : LOVE is complicated, isn't it? =)
thats not the right time for any relationship. If you love me, Just bear w/ me =)

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