Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yaaadddaaaa Yaaaddddaaaa* Its the time to update/report to all of you :D seriously, it's not a good starting for 2010. i mean this month. Wtheck. so ridiculous. i dont know whads the problem w/ those bitch. but i dont give a shit about whad you think, whad you said about me.Just keep on talking about me. =]

And yeah, My class. 4C1. Awww. one word to describe. B-O-R-E-D! Only 3guys in my class. actually should be 4. but i don't think that guy counted as BOY! MUAHAHA! you know i know ;] Shhhhhhh* Doesn't fun at all doh, my class. They all dont sleep in class while teacher teaching. They all won't laugh loudly except Xuanyun. They won't ponteng or lepak except me,yuhan and vivan. They won't even answer teacher when teacher asking us, YESH or NO. Whads the answer. nobody care -_____- I want my form4 HONEYMOON year be a awesome year. But i don't think its gotta be. Or mayb we will only rock in our own way. i mean three of us only, ME.YUHAN.VIVAN. Eh, whos from 4c1 and if youre reading my bloggg. If want to join. leave me a msgggg XD i want to laugh like a bitch in class always. & i dont want to see you this farker in my class. do you know? yup yesh, you're the one i mentioning ;p farker -__________-

doubtlessly, i miss Boon How very much. He dumb me and go for his futher studies in Seremban. Nah, or else we are watching movie now together. yam cha together. @ mcd eating twister fries!So so so baddddd he's not here. Zzzz. p/s: I'm still single la! Eh, if youre reading my blog i know you whds appear in your mind now. Walao, the last sentense very hurt. right? XD Haiya, everyone got their chance, you know la. my market good ma ;p

Yeap, Mum are doing cookies now. the bad daughter does not help. :/ And she was busying to clean up my house for the whole day. again, i did not help :( i know i am bad. but i went for two tuition. and i gt hmwork. So, Sorry Mama! :X
Just wanted to remind all of you, CNY is just around the corner.
i had a hair cut just now. Because i want to get a new hair for new year la ;p Still very short. =p
blah blah blah. Tata peeps! Sister is coming back tmrw. And we will go for cny shopping :D
But hell, tmrw early in the morning i got taekwondo training. AWWWWW!

i got Account and Addmaths homework need to finish.
See ya.

Your trustly,

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