Friday, January 1, 2010


i change my blogskin, nice kan? :P Aww, but haven't fully complete.
don't hav tagboard and i lost all the link! FML!
New year new skin! Wohoo! look people, i'm changing. i want be better!
Gotta clean up my room tmrw! remind myself*

Oh yea, my hair is super short now. But family and kaisheng said my hair is still long!
Awwww*don't even dare to at th mirror! i look like 13seriously! BAAAAA! :X
Share my picts w/ ya all tmrw kay?
it's almost 2o'clock, i need to sleep. =)

Goodnight peeps!

1 comment:

Vivan-T said...

remember share that gina pic of you !!