Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Don't care what they said,
Don't care what they think about you.
Life's still goes on no matter what happen.
What can you do? just enjoy it.
You're not me. You don't know what i'm thinking.
Because some times, even i also don't know what i'm thinking.
Means, i don't understand myself. So do you think you understand me?

The 1st and 2nd week of school wasn't bad.
And the 3rd week of school is coming.
time flies!
Alot of homework need to complete.
Alot of tuition class need to attend.
That's not honeymoon year.

How to relieve stress?
Take some crazy or fugly pict will do :P
Here you go XD
*don't click X la* support a bit la =D

Stay tune!
will update my blog soon kay?
CNY is coming =]
New year new clothes new shoes! WOOTTTT!

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