Friday, January 8, 2010

♥ Nah, this called before :O

#002. Babi, i look so cantik betul ke?
So perasan. haha!

And get ready nw.
Don't get shock, i look like kiddo now.

so much different right? see, this hair cost me 40bucks lor wth.
because i cut my hair twice. so super expensive.
thanks for the stupid teacher.
She caught me, and asked me to cut my hair.
Yeap, since i'm a good student, and i don't want to get their attention.
i went to cut my hair, and now.without a doubt, i'm a good student :D
I got a mushroom head now, laugh all you can :(

the first week are so tiring, i even fallen asleep when teacher copying notes in front of the klass.
i seems like tuition everday.
And then, i took a nap everyday after i went hme. expect today.
Because i had Account tuition at the evening.
Yeap, i did not transfer to Science.
i prefer account. =)
wish me luck peeps! need to do well in this two year.
Then get a new life. Woot* can't wait for it ;]

So much different between form3 and form4.
i mean the way we answer in the exam.
no more objective. only subjective. Awwww :(
everything you need to write by your own.
use your own words. own feeling :S
Need to try, need to prepare for next year right?
no doubt, i'm growing. getting mature XD
Nah perasan again. LOL

attending the activity tmrw morning.
Try to have fun w/ them. :[
at least i no need to gt my training at the field.
don't have sun, then everything will be fine.
Nah, i hate to attend this kind of thingy.
they want us to pay. pay for this pay for that.
Grrrr. stop crapping.

the tagboard is backy. Just leave me a msg kay?
i miss you guys so much.
And then i will try to link all of you =)


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