Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Chor 2 :D

"I love you for who you were, who you are and who you always will be."

i guess most of jitsinese are busy preparing for their examination.
Except me, Haha. i still taking the revision time to online blogging facebook etc etc.
Stop crapping. The topic of today is. My Chinese New Year, Chor 2 aka Chu 2 :D

Woke up and then went for my popo house for lunch first. :)
Then Dad dropped me at Tao,Auto City. Met up w/ Chankei, Jynn and The only boy KT :)
Lazy to tell ya all stories. But photo will do the talking. Believe me, We should meet up more often. Totally enjoy the time being w/ them. playing and crapping. Woot Woot :D
The Chankei gone back to HK already. she's coming back at JULY. let's meet up when you back kay?! TEEHEE *grins

She's on phone w/ her mama? :)

i admit, i got fat legs :D

The food was nice, but we ordered sedikit. like wasted! wtf.

oh ya. before we left. BoonHow and Weiwei came and met up w/ me for a while.

We went Sunway after that!

Actually we planned to watch movie. But Kt cannot make it. And Chankei wanted to meet up w/ someone important. And i guess all the tickets are sold out. So, We went to winter warmer.
Whad we did? Crap-Camwhore. XD

Here's some picts taken at my aunty house.

Align Center

Happy Family!


Yee family.

next, outside the house. Garden :P

looooooook at the sky, Think of me :P

itu la kakak saya. :P

All picts taken by me :)

Self-snap :P

It remind me of the special yooooooooooooooou.
I Miss You. When are we going to meet up again?
i should be understandingggggg. Be tough. Chill.

I guess the stuff i should worried for nao is not about YOU. but my exam.
I should off nao and take a nap =D
Will studyyy tonight. i don't want get 0marks in add maths. *crossfingers*


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